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These Virgin Hair Brands Offer The Best Products On The Market

aliexpress brazilian hairWomen often spend a lot of time, effort and money on maintaining their beauty. They usually also include many different items in their beauty arsenal, all of which are essential for the upkeep of their confidence, self-esteem and, of course, their gorgeous physical appearance. One particularly important part of a woman’s beauty routine usually tends to be their hair. A lot of women care a lot for how their hair looks and may even refuse to leave home without the perfect hairstyle. When their hair is short, unmanageable, prone to tangle and thinning, they may not feel very confident or be eager to go out with friends as they may feel like they are in need of a better hairstyle.

This is why weaves and hair extensions have become so popular in recent years. Many women have found that adding a few bundles of weave hair to their natural hair enables them to restore the confidence they once had in their hairstyle. Weaves also come with the added benefit of allowing a woman to go wild with the hair without causing any damage to her natural hair; thus providing them the perfect ability to experiment with different styles until they find something that they truly like.

Best Virgin Hair Companies

A particularly troublesome fact that many women come across when they decide to experiment with weaves is the fact that there are simply too many different brands from which they can choose from. There are a countless number of brands out there that are promising to offer their customers the best of the best when it comes to hair utilized in the manufacturing process of weaves; thus customers do not know which brands they should believe and which ones they should avoid buying from.

We have done some digging and found the particular virgin hair companies that customers seem to be most impressed with. Let’s take a look at our findings.

Mayvenn Hair

mayvenn logoFirst on our list is Mayvenn Hair, a brand that has become one of the most popular brands in the weave industry. Mayvenn Hair offers a large variety of products to choose from, including weaves and wigs. When it comes to “completing the look”, Mayvenn Hair also offers a variety of closures and frontals that have been specifically designed to perfectly blend in with the many weaves they offer on their website. This brand’s products are all made from real human hair that does not go through any invasive chemical processes prior to manufacturing or distribution.

Her Imports

her imports logoHer Imports is another popular choice amongst women who have worn weaves for many years. The brand has been in business for quite some time now and is not only trusted by thousands of consumers, but also by quite a large number of hair stylists. The brand has numerous options to choose from, including an exclusive “My Hair” range of weaves, which include hair pieces made from Indian Temple hair.

Indique Hair

Apart from Mayvenn Hair and Her Imports, Indique Hair is another brand that delivers true 100% virgin human hair to the public. The company does not process their hair with any chemicals, which means the customer obtains a product that can be utilized in the way they want to use it. In addition to their range of weaves and wigs, Indique Hair also offers numerous hair care products that offers the customer products that are safe to be used on the hair pieces they purchase from the brand.


Weaves offer a woman the ability to wear their hair in any style, no matter how long, thick or voluminous their natural hair may be. These pieces of hair are becoming increasingly popular and now forms an essential part of the perfect beauty arsenal for many women. The problem, however, is that the large number of brands that a woman can choose from when buying hair makes the choice very difficult. In this post, we’ve explored some of the best companies where women can buy virgin hair from with confidence. These companies all offer excellent quality products without charging their customers thousands of dollars for a full head installation.