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Why It Is A Bad Idea To Buy Hair From Aliexpress

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loose wave hair weavHair extensions, wigs and weaves are certainly not cheap items, but still many women prefer to buy these items as they help them feel more confident in a public setting. Waiting for their natural hair to grow out can take months if not years, and they may still be facing problems with their hair’s thickness as thinning hair is a relatively common problem amongst many women. Thus, hair pieces are often utilized by women in order to help them achieve fuller hairstyles and, of course, also to add more length to their natural hair.

Unfortunately, the price of these hair pieces often causes a woman to opt for a cheaper product on the market. In such a case, a woman may not think of the hair pieces they are buying as investment, but rather just as accessory items. This can be a bad idea, and today we want to focus particularly on the hair products that are available on one of the world’s largest shopping portals, Aliexpress.

Aliexpress Hair

aliexpressAliexpress is a global marketplace that has become extremely popular. Wholesalers, stores, dropshippers and the general public all turn to Aliexpress when they are looking to buy certain items at cheap prices. Unfortunately, opting for “cheap” isn’t always the best choice – and with hair, this fact becomes even more important to consider. The majority of distributors on Aliexpress that offer hair pieces tend to provide their customers with low-quality hair that is not as advertised. It might seem beneficial at first to buy hair at such cheap prices, but the disadvantages of these hair pieces should be considered before finalizing such a purchase.

There are many important concerns that need to be taken into consider when choosing to buy hair pieces from vendors on Aliexpress. Even though these vendors tend to be backed by thousands of positive reviews, it should be noted that many of these reviews can be fake in some cases. Additionally, the promises made by these vendors are often not kept – once the customer receives their order, they realize that they have not received the product as advertised.

One of the most important concerns to consider is the fact that the hair offered by these vendors are often not virgin human hair, but rather heavily processed hair. In most cases, it is found that the hair isn’t even of Brazilian, Peruvian or Malaysian descent, but rather scrap hair pieces that were collection, processed and coated to make them look like a particular hair texture.

A lot of people who have purchased hair from Aliexpress vendors in the past have also complained about the fact that the hair tends to smell badly, especially when the hair becomes wet. Thus, it is not a good idea to frequently wash the hair, to shower with the hair on or to go for a swim while the hair is still installed.

We should also note that the weak quality of the hair might not offer the same level of protection that higher quality weaves and wigs are able to offer the natural hair of the woman who will be wearing the hair pieces. This is also important to consider as many women choose to wear weaves or wigs in order to preserve and protect their natural hair while they are waiting for it to become thicker and grow longer.


While the hair extensions, weaves, frontals, closures and wigs on Aliexpress may seem cheaper than products that can be found at more recognizable brands, women should be aware of the fact that these hair pieces are usually of low quality, will not last them a long time and they often come with many disadvantages that could cause more harm than good. For these reasons, it is usually recommended that a woman rather opts to make an investment at a recognizable brand in order to obtain a longer-lasting item that will help them achieve the hairstyle they desire without causing any damage to their natural hair.