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her-imports-reviewsOne particular problem that women often face when they would like to install a weave is the fact that they sometimes have to purchase items from multiple brands or stores if they wish to achieve a complete look. This is often very frustrating and can be disappointing when an item is purchased from one brand and another brand does not have an accessory or second item that matches the one purchased from the first brand. An example would be if a woman would like to buy weaves, as well as a frontal or closure, but the brand she buys from is only able to offer her a weave. When shopping for a closure or frontal from another brand, she might not find a hair piece that blends with the weave bundles she purchased from the first brand.

Fortunately, when purchasing items from Her Imports, customers are offered a complete solution to every single product they require to do a full head installation. This brand has made a reputation for themselves as being a one-stop solution for any women who would like to wear a weave. In addition to supplying their products to the general public, many hair stylists have also started to turn to Her Imports when their customers ask them about installing a weave.

Her Imports – The One-Stop Weave Shop

her imports logoWhen buying from Her Imports, customers can be rest assured that they are not only going to receive top quality real virgin human hair, but they will also be able to purchase everything they need in their arsenal for a proper weave installation. This includes the weave hair bundles, as well as the closure or frontal (whichever they prefer). In addition to offering these hair pieces, Her Imports also stock a variety of wigs in different styles; thus offering customers who wish to purchase a hair piece that does not take as much effort and time as a weave the ability to do so.

At Her Imports, customers can choose from a variety of styles when it comes to buying weaves, closures, frontals and wigs. Some of the brand’s most popular styles include their kinky straight, kinky curl and their spring curl options. The brand also offers other hair styles, such as the tight curl, the Malaysian straight style, the deep and body wave styles, and Peruvian hair. Additionally, Her Imports is one of the very few brands in the industry to also offer a bleached option – these hair pieces are excellent for those looking to blond instead of the traditional natural black.

Her Imports also offers a unique range of hair items that include premium-rated hair. This range is called My Hair and features some of the best hair in the industry. All of the hair pieces found in the brand’s My Hair collection is made of authentic temple hair. The same type of hair is used by some recognized faced on television and the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, we should also note that Her Imports offer a range of hair care products that have been developed especially for the use on weaves and wigs. These products include professional styling tools, as well as a range of hair care products such as shampoos, co-wash solutions, hair styling sprays and more. All of these products are safe to be used on the weaves and will not cause the hair to become dry or to start shedding.


When looking for one single brand to buy all of your weaves and supporting products from, then Her Imports might be your best option. This brand is utilized by the general public, as well as by recognized names in the hair styling industry. They offer a variety of products, including weave hair bundles, closures and frontals, wigs and even a line of hair care products that works very well on the hair pieces they sell.