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lace front wigMillions of women wear weaves on a daily basis, but the installation of a weave can take up a significant amount of a woman’s time. With our lives only getting busier, there is little extra time on our hands to indulge in such procedures; thus many women have to live with their natural hair or opt for a wig – and a wig certainly is not for everyone. When a woman’s natural hair lacks volume or thickness, or they have a particularly short hairstyle and wish to experiment with longer styles, then these factors can become quite disappointing to them.

Luxy Hair has brought the world the solution to these problems by introducing a revolution in the way women modify their hair. The brand specializes in high-quality clip-in hair extensions that are made from real human hair. All of their products are of top quality and they offer many features that truly makes them stand out from the rest of their competitors. Luxy hair is not only affordable, but also caters to any customer, regardless of their requirements. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at what Luxy Hair offers, how much their hair extensions cost and some other important information about the brand.

Luxy Hair Clip-In Extensions

Chesnut Brown Square luxyhairLuxy Hair has not been in business for an extended period of time, yet they have caught the attention of thousands around the entire world. This brand has provided women with a revolutionary item that allows for instant modifications to their hair without having to endeavor those long sessions that a weave installation often requires, but also without giving them a wig as an alternative choice.

Luxy Hair’s clip-in extensions are quite unique and are made from real human hair. This already puts them on top as many competing companies does not utilize real human hair, or at least not of the same quality that this particular brand offers, during the production of their clip-in extensions. These extensions have also been made in such a way to place emphasis on convenience and ease-of-use. Luxy Hair explains that a customer can add length, volume and style to their existing hair in less than five minutes with their range of clip-in extensions.

When you consider the fact that this brand’s extensions are made from real human hair, their prices seem to be extremely fair – especially when you compare their prices to those of competing brands that also offer similar hair extensions.

The company has numerous collections from which a customer can choose, each features certain unique attributes that make it perfect for a select group of customers. The prices for their products depends on the collection of choice, as well as the specifications of the final product that the customer wishes to purchase. Most of the hair extensions weigh around 180 grams and come in 20-inch varieties. There are many different colors to choose from, including ombre varieties and single colors, such as mocha brown, off black, jet black, blond, chestnut brown, chocolate brown and more.

The average price of a full head set of clip-in extensions from Luxy Hair is usually around $199. This is quite affordable when compared to the fact that a weave installation often requires three or more bundles of hair for a full head installation, and this can cost hundreds of dollars. The brand also offers worldwide free shipping, which means there is no need to worry about additional shipping charges being applied during the checkout process.


Luxy Hair is quite a unique brand in the hair industry, offering high-quality clip-in hair extensions that offer women an excellent alternative to weaves and wigs. When compared to alternative items, the clip-in extensions from Luxy Hair is more affordable and also comes with free global shipping. This brand has quickly become very popular and also allows the customer to return their purchase should they be unhappy.