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Why Choose Viviscal Supplements For Thicker, Fuller Hair


Even though the average person is aware of the fact that they need to supplement their bodies with an adequate amount of nutrients, which includes all the important vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats, every day, it can be difficult to include a healthy diet that contains all of these substances and attend to all of the tasks part of a person’s schedule on a daily basis. When we do not take proper care of our bodies, however, then we may develop certain problems with our general wellbeing that may not only be unpleasant to our abilities to conduct our day-to-day activities, but may also affect the way we look and feel about ourselves.

Viviscal Hair Growth SupplementInadequate nutrition has also been linked to hair that becomes thinner, tends to fall out and hair that does not look healthy and shiny anymore. Since both men and women tend to focus significantly on the physical appearance of their hair when they get ready for the day, hair that is unmanageable and looks dull can become a big problem and even start to affect a person’s self-esteem. Viviscal is a range of nutritional products that attends to the nutrient requirements of hair – from the inside of the body and on the outside layers of the hair. This brand has developed two ranges of products that are perfectly suited for men and women, assisting customers with improving the “fullness” of their hair, reducing thinning hair and making their hair look beautiful and healthy once again.

The Viviscal Range

Viviscal originally started out as a dietary supplement that contained the most essential nutrients that are needed by the human body to nourish hair from the inside out. The supplements did quite well and provided users with impressive results. Quickly, Viviscal became a recognized name throughout the United States and even some other parts of the world. Today, the name Viviscal does not only refer to a dietary supplement anymore, but rather to an entire range of hair care products and supplements that have been designed specifically for people who are struggling with hair that seems dull, unnourished and unmanageable.

The product, as described on Viviscal’s official website, starts to work from the inside. It provides the hair follicles with vital nutrients that help to strengthen existing hair on the user’s head, while also helping existing hair to grow. The product has been designed in such a way to prolong the phase during which each single hair strand grows. This means that hair will grow longer and, with the increased strength and thickness, hair will also start to look thicker.

The primary product in the Viviscal range, being their dietary supplement, is taken daily by mouth with a glass of water. These supplements have been designed to be easy and convenient to take, and they are 100% drug-free. This means that the user will not experience any side-effects when they opt for the supplements developed by Viviscal. In addition to nourishing the hair, it should also be noted that the nutrients found in Viviscal supplements are also good for other parts of the body as well, including the skin; thus providing the user with quite a powerful solution.

viviscal manWhile the brand originally focused their products on women, they have recently introduced a new line of products that are tailored toward men. This particular product is called Viviscal Man and includes similar ingredients as their main product. In addition, various hair care products have also been added to their range of products for men, including shampoos and conditions, which further nourishes the hair.


Viviscal offers a range of different products for both men and women, all tailored to include the most important nutrients that are essential for maintaining healthy, vibrant and beautiful hair. The brand started out with just a range of supplements, but now offers their customers an extended range of hair care products, ranging from styling products to shampoos and conditioners, all equipped with special ingredients that promote existing hair growth, makes the hair stronger and also causes the hair to appear thicker.