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This Is How Mayvenn Frontals Helps Women Create A Fuller Look

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While some women opt for the installation of a weave simply to help them add a little more length to their natural hair, others opt for a weave installation because of the fact that these hair pieces allow them to experiment with a great number of different hairstyles without having to damage their natural hair. There are also some women who opt for a weave since their natural hair is fine and lacks the volume needed to create the hairstyles they wish to wear; thus a weave offers them the ability to create these hairstyles. Whatever the reason, a lot of women have found that adding a frontal to their weave installation helps them create a fuller look; which instantly opens up a variety of extra opportunities when it comes to their selection of hairstyles they can achieve with the weave.

mayvenn logoMayvenn Hair is known to provide their customers with high-quality weaves and related accessories that give the customer the ability to create virtually any hairstyle they wish to achieve. The company has also released a series of frontals that goes perfectly with their selection of weaves and, recently, the company has also introduced a brand new type of frontal, known as the 360 frontal, to their selection of accessories that help women achieve those perfect looks without having to damage their natural hair or expose their hair to everyday stressors.

Mayvenn Frontals

peruvian hairWhen it comes to making a weave installation look more natural, a woman usually has to choose between either adding a frontal or a closure. While closures are popular amongst many women, it does seem like frontal are usually the most preferred option due to their versatility and their ability to better blend in – not only with the woman’s weave installation and her natural hair, but also with the woman’s skin where the frontal is installed.

Many brands make it quite difficult to choose a frontal that will go well with a particular weave that a customer has installed. When choosing the wrong frontal, it can cause the entire weave installation to appear unnatural and make it quite obvious that the woman is not walking around with her own natural hair.

Mayvenn Hair, however, has simplified the process of buying a frontal from them to a much more convenient process. The brand has decided to only manufacture frontals that can blend in perfectly with any of the weaves they have in stock. Thus, buying a frontal from Mayvenn Hair is really as simple as the process of buying a weave from them.

When a woman has decided on the particular type of weave she would like to install, be it a Malaysian straight or a Brazilian deep wave, they can then proceed to buy the appropriate frontal that will match the style they have chosen for their weave. The styles of the frontals offered by Mayvenn Hair is named similar to how their choice of weaves is named; thus finding the frontal that will go with a weave that has been purchased is very easy.

Apart from their regular frontals, we should also note that the 360 frontals from Mayvenn Hair are gaining a lot of popularity. While the traditional frontal would only sit at the front of the head, the 360 frontals have been designed to completely surround the head from front to back. These might be a little more expensive, but most women find that they truly are worth the money.


After installing a weave, there is still some work left to do before a woman can truly take full advantage of their new hair. Adding a frontal is becoming more and more essential in today’s world, where women tend to experiment with adventurous hairstyles that often require that extra accessory to ensure the fact that the woman is really wearing a weave does not become too obvious.