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More Value For Your Money With Mayvenn Hair Bundles

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LooseWaveExtensionsMayvennIn today’s world, we are all looking for ways in which we can save some money. Every saving helps, even if it is just a couple of dollars. Luckily, there are many ways in which a person can save money, regardless of what they are interested in buying. From groceries to electronics and yes, even when buying weaves and wigs, there are still many “hacks” that can be used to save a considerable amount of money and finally be able to afford that perfect bundle of hair. Here, we want to take a closer look at how people can get more value for their money and also save a lot of money by simply being smart – in this case, by opting for hair bundles instead of buying multiple sets of weave hair separately.

Mayvenn Hair has long been a reputable company in the weave industry and they also launched a brand new range of wigs recently too. This company offers women a large variety of weaves to choose from, and allows the woman to choose an option that helps them define who they are and perfectly blend in with their natural set of hair. In addition to offering many different products to choose from, Mayvenn Hair also offers a couple of hair bundles that enables a woman to buy a full set of weaves without having to pay for each of them individually.

Mayvenn Hair Bundles

mayvenn hair bundlesWhen shopping at Mayvenn Hair, a customer has the ability to shop by look or by hairstyle. When shopping by look, the website will provide the customer with a series of images and then list the particular items that were used to achieve the desired hairstyle in each of these images. A customer can also opt to rather browse individual hair pieces by choosing to shop by hairstyle. In such a case, the customer can choose from a large number of different hairstyles and texture, as well as colors and lengths, that suit their particular requirements.

While browsing the brand’s online store, customers will find that they often offer bundle deals on their website along with their numerous individual options. These bundle offers provide the customer with multiple hair pieces – usually in sets of three per bundle deal – at a price that is usually much lower than the customer would pay when they buy these pieces included in such a bundle separately.

At the moment, Mayvenn Hair is offering two different bundle deals:

  • The first bundle deal includes three Brazilian straight hair pieces. Each piece is 10 inches in length. Buying these pieces separately would cost the customer $165, but opting for the bundle deal will only cost the customer a total of $124.
  • The second bundle deal includes three Malaysian body wave hair pieces. Each of these hair pieces is also 10 inches in length. The value of this particular bundle is $192, but rather choosing to purchase the bundle deal would reduce the cost of these hair pieces to $144.

There are many benefits to rather opting for such a bundle deal instead of buying these individual pieces of hair separately. At the same time, it should be noted that these bundles only include similar sized hair pieces; thus customers who are looking for hair pieces of different lengths, such as to create a layered effect in their weave installation, would perhaps be better off opting for purchasing their hair pieces separately.


Hair bundle deals offered by Mayvenn hair has helped numerous women purchase multiple sets of weave hair at a price that is much more affordable when compared to the total price it would have cost them should they have opted to buy purchase these hair pieces as individual sets. While the options are somewhat limited at Mayvenn hair, the company tend to introduce new bundle deals frequently, so women who are not currently able to find what they are looking for should check back on a regular basis for updates on the latest bundle deals offered by the brand.